College, Career & Military Readiness

What Is It?

The College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) Outcomes Bonus supports the state’s mission to prepare every child for success in college, career, or the military. School systems receive additional funding for preparing students for college, a career, and the military when they take the next step in their career planning by enrolling in postsecondary institutions, completing an industry approved credential, and/or enlisting in the military by the fall after graduation. These outcomes bonuses are distributed equitably, with more funds awarded for students experiencing economic instability.
College Career Military Readiness

Our Impact

Unlike TIA and ADSY, which require school systems to opt-in in order to benefit, every Texas school system with graduates is eligible to receive CCMR Outcomes Bonus Funding. The Texas Impact Network’s goal is to ensure awareness of CCMR Outcomes Bonus funding across the state and use the funding as a prompt to analyze the effectiveness of current CCMR programming and identify strategies to increase student outcomes, thereby generating more funding to expand successful initiatives and continuous improvement efforts. This is done through five connected initiatives:
  1. Bi-monthly convenings of the CCMR-focused staff in regional partner organizations around the state in a professional learning community
  2. Replicating an in-depth CCMR data analysis and strategic plan development process used by Aldine ISD in Dallas ISD, Midland ISD, Ector County ISD, Greenwood ISD, and Stanton ISD with the hopes of launching in other large school systems
  3. Expanding use of the CCMR Insights data tool statewide and working with TEA to explore integration of the tool with their systems and counselor training
  4. Expanding awareness and use of the Texas College Bridge program to increase the number of students accessing personalized college preparatory coursework in high school
  5. The Rural CCMR Accelerator Program providing unique support specifically for rural school systems

The Rural CCMR Accelerator Program

Rural school systems have the passion and dedication, but not always the resources, to improve college, career, and military-readiness outcomes and successful postsecondary transitions for their high school students. For this reason, the Network launched the Rural CCMR Accelerator Program extending expert support and start-up funding to implement CCMR interventions in select rural Texas school systems. Through this program we work with participating rural school systems to:

  • analyze the effectiveness of their current CCMR programming;
  • develop and implement low-cost, high-impact CCMR strategies; and
  • access CCMR Outcomes Bonus funding to continue improving postsecondary outcomes.

Broad and Diverse Support

By targeting support at the regional partner level, the Network aims to build capacity that touches all school systems within the portfolio of regional partners through the professional learning community. The professional learning community is helping each regional partner work with their school system partners to:

  1. Identify their strengths and weaknesses;
  2. Develop a cross-functional CCMR strategic plan, including evidence-based strategies to address areas of weakness; and
  3. Maximize the use of the CCMR Outcomes Bonus to sustain successful programming to increase student outcomes.

The professional learning community breaks down regional silos between individuals with the same goals across the state and allows for sharing of resources and best practices and common problem-solving.

Growing Implementation Capacity

CCMR Insights was initially a tool only available to school systems within ESC Region 10 but a partnership with the Texas Impact Network is transitioning it statewide. Currently, 18 school systems serving 317,480 students are signed up to use the tool and we plan to double that number by next year.

After learning more about the data analysis and strategic planning process undertaken by Aldine ISD, the Network is working to implement the same process in a number of other school systems around the state. Through our relationships with school systems and regional partners, we will continue to look for other opportunities to expand the impact of proven practices.

Resulting Innovation: Launch of the CCMR Insights Tool

CCMR Insights is a tool created by Commit, the Dallas County Promise, ESC 10, Ed-Fi, and Eduforic through funding from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. The tool combines multiple data streams from several sources to provide school system practitioners a calculation of the projected A-F accountability and HB 3 Outcomes Bonus Funding in real time. In addition, the tool also provides school systems the ability to monitor student progress to determine appropriate interventions to ensure all students are meeting their CCMR goal. The Texas Impact Network has assumed the role of planning for the tool’s expansion throughout Texas, as well its long term management. The goal is to make the tool accessible to any school system in the state in coordination with training on how to use the tool most effectively to support student case management and CCMR program effectiveness.

If you are a school system official interested in using the CCMR Insights Tool in your community, please contact us.


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"[CCMR outcomes] bonuses have allowed us to do more and be strategic with how we offer college readiness exams and instruction."

Dr. Courtney Jackson, Cedar Hill ISD Executive Director of Counseling Services