The Texas Impact Network would not be possible without the hard work and foresight of so many individuals and institutions.

It is rooted in the transformative power of recent school finance legislation, which was the work of Governor Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, the members of the 86th Texas Legislature, and the Texas Commission on Public School Finance.

It is made possible by each of our valued investment partners:

It is further enabled by the support provided by each of our respective founding organizations– the Commit Partnership and Educate Texas at the Communities Foundation of Texas.

And we are deeply indebted to each of the thousands of teachers and administrators across the state with whom we have the opportunity to work alongside.

Systems change takes time, but it’s our hope that by collaborating across sectors and siloes, we can accelerate towards the ultimate goal– improved student outcomes across Texas.

That’s why we came together to found the Network, and why we hope you’ll join us in this work: When we widen our network, we broaden our impact.

If you would like to support our Network, please do not hesitate to contact us.